My old equipment :)


Your old, I had & I gave.

There are appliances, witch I had in possession. I made their photographic documentation so you can see.


TOSHIBA T1600 - Model No. PA8011E.
T1600 showed up in 1988 and this copy comes from 1990.
In the T1600 model, we'll see:
- AMD N80C286-12 Microprocessor 12 MHz /socket for mathematical coprocessor,
- RAM from 1MB base to 5MB,
- 40 MB hard drive,
- 1.44MB 3.5 "floppy drive,
- LCD Screen EGA
- weight 5.2 kg.
An interesting solution is the ability to detach the LCD screen when working with an external monitor - a flap above the TOSHIBA sign.
The housing had abrasions. The advantage was all the two flaps - the sole covering the sockets and the left side covering the extra card connectors.
In the set there was no 12V / 2.5A power supply. On board two batteries after 7.2V Model. Well. PA8703U.

Useful (I was here and checked):

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