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Olivetti FD602

From 1985, the 5.25"/360KB floppy drive.
Mounted on the first PC XT/AT.

My 5.25 "floppy drive Olivetti Mode FD 602,
was made in December 1985.

The success of the 5.25" floppy drive has prompted many manufacturers around the world to enter this market. In Europe, since 1977, the Italian company Olivetti produced floppy disks and floppy drives 40-track FD501 (one-sided) and two-sided FD 502. They also produced models marked FD591 and FD592, models 80-track.

The FD602 model reads 5.25 inch, 1S2D, MD2D floppy disks - one and double-sided 360KB. FD 602 is a 40-track, double-sided floppy drive. Dimensions: 21 x 14.5 x 4 cm.

In the computer's Bios settings you need to set the drive as 360K, 5.25 in. An indication of 1.2MB causes an error during startup. Note: do not disable error analysis in Bios.
Little information about this drive. The information found is mainly on auction sites.

Checked in PC-486. Drive in working order.

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