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There are appliances, witch I had in possession. I made their photographic documentation so you can see.


From 1992 COMPAQ Contura 30/20 MODEL 2820 opens a series of Contura laptops marked as Series: 2820. The shape of the housing has become the model for all models of this series and the difference is only in the thickness of the die housing. Thinner is for the mono VGA matrix and thicker for the VGA color. In the last model 4/25CX the housing has placed a small trackball. The order of the models in the series is marked with letters A to F. For example, 2820 is Contura 3/20, 2820A is Contura 3/25, ..., 2820F is Contura 4/25CX.

Parameters Contura 3/20 - Model 2820:
80386 (386SL) processor with 20 MHz clock Hard disk with a capacity of 40MB or 84 MB (2.5")
laptop also fires from a floppy disk without a problem
2 MB memory on the board + free memory connector for 2, 4 or 8MB memory bones Floppy disk drive 3,5 "1,44MB
Screen 8.4 "mono VGA
Output for external monitor 640x400 color
Battery Model 2821A, 12V, 1.7Ah - Nickel Cadmium (NiCa) Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) - battery suitable for models 3/20, 3/25, 3/25C, 4/25, 4/25c, 4/25CX and 4/33c.
Removable bios battery (battery compartment under the memory chip) - CR2430
Power - 18.5V power supply - Model (?)
Original bags with embossed COMPAQ brand - as in the gallery. I met with two models of a laptop bag. Made of lofty and similar skunk material on the inserts on which the inscription COMPAQ was pressed.

This copy has a 120MB HDD and 2MB of memory. In the picture with the guts, in the middle of the keyboard there is a 2MB memory module and a modem connector on the left side. On the right side you can see the hard drive partially. At this point (plates bent up - stops) was a NiCd 7.2V-120mAH battery in a yellow T-shirt - it is in the last picture. This 7.2V battery was connected to the two-pin connector on the left side of HDD - it connects at the break level in the 1992 and Compaq inscription on the memory card.
When assembling, remember to screw on the screws forcibly. It should also be noted that three notches from the front of the keyboard should be inserted into the three plastic tabs on the front edge of the laptop. The keyboard should then bend slightly upwards on the middle catch.
Instruction and guide - "Compaq CONTURA SERIES PC SM.pdf" will be useful for unscrewing the equipment and the material from the workshop "Inside Compaq Contura 4 / 25cx" will complete knowledge :) The network has producer support, which means files SPxxxx. For example, SP2054 is a "Computer Setup and Diagnostics for Portables" handy program but under Windows probably min. 3, xx.
In PCMAG.COM the price of February 1993 is 1499 $ - 2MB memory version, HDD 84MB.

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