My old equipment :)


Your old, I had & I gave.

There are appliances, witch I had in possession. I made their photographic documentation so you can see.

HiNote Ultra CT475

Laptop from 1995 with 486 DX / 4 75Mhz processor. On the board has a memory of 8 MB. One connector for additional memory. Memory matches:
8MB Digital DEC 72pin SODIMM FR-PCP7M-AB and 16MB Digital DEC 72pin SODIMM FR-PCP7M-AC

Hard drive - Toshiba MK1924FCV, 543MB.
Floppy disk drive 3.5 "1.44MB in additional module
PCMCIA type II and III type PCMC connector. On the back wall of the VGA, COM and LPT sockets. On the right IRDA port window, jack socket, microphone, PS / 2 and power socket.

With Windows 95 he managed. Matrix - vertical stripes, the potentiometer reacted to adjustments, hinges on the breakaway grenade. The battery is not known because the socket with the battery contacts was damaged.
The hard disk is missing but has a grommet. The disk went to another laptop :)
In FDD, the drive belt fell and the station did not read floppy disks. The keyboard - all the keys were. It should be functional.
I did not have a power supply. I have connected the 12V power supply alternately with two pins. In the picture, the black arrow pin plus, the black pin minus is marked.

Useful (I was here and checked)::

Look at it yourself:

Gallery: HiNote Ultra CT475