My old equipment :)

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Hello !

Do you have the old equipment? I had the big top :)

Hug the old equipment ... laptops, software or system :)

Old equipment save from oblivion!

Hug the old equipment!


We often leave the item, the hardware, the device that has been replaced by the "newer model". When we buy new equipment we spend old. Valuable old things go to the closets, the attic or the cellars.
My collection was created "spontaneously" and also by the desire to create a collection of old laptops.

Skladzik gratow
Ensuring proper operation of the device prevented the creation of a large collection. Also several laptops were not in the hardware category. Also the room was small. In the corner of the room I gathered all the equipment.

I sold some laptops. In my opinion, I left interesting laptops. They represent the origins of the history of portable.
Bondwell Model 8

I decided to focus mainly on three laptops.
I decided to save them from oblivion.
I decided to hug my old equimpment!


* Last added 24.05.2020 *

Olivetti FD602

Fom 1992, 5.25 inch floppy disk drives 360kB. Efficient, working :) on the shelf.


From 1990, IDE HDD 44 MB, successful treatment with Disc Manager v.3.1. Efficient, working 3.5".

Your Old :

Descriptions with photos old equipments.

* Last added 18.10.2019 *

From 1991 SANYO 18NB6h. Economical operation settings of MBC-18NB, slowing down the processor to 8 MHz, halving the LCD backlight by half, allowed to work on one battery charge for 3 and a half hours. Laptop with NG80386SX-20 processor with 64MB disk :)

TOSHIBA TECRA 500CDT from 1996.. This model has an Intel Pentrium 120Mhz processor. The memory had as much as on the disc or 16MB. Max. 16MB + 128MB = 144MB. Original 1.3GB hard disk in the complete basket. 1.44MB FDD replacement drive. The 12.1 "TFT color matrix and 2MB video card allow it to be used for old games :)

From 1987, NEC PC-8300 , which replaced the NEC PC-8201A produced since 1983. Inconspicuous computer operating on the N82-BASIC system but has extensive additional equipment: external 3.5-inch diskette drive, data recorder - tape recorder, internal modem, modular expansion cards, eg for connecting an external monitor:)

Digital HiNote Ultra CT475 from 1995. I have more space on the shelf :) Processor 486 DX/4 75Mhz. 8 MB RAM on the board. One connector for additional memory. Without a hard disk and a 3.5" 1.44MB diskette drive in the additional module. PCMCIA double-walled connector type II and III.

From 1992, Compaq CONTURA 3/20. A laptop with an 80386 processor opens a series of Contura laptops. The shape of the housing has become the model for all models of this series and the difference is only in the thickness of the die housing. Thinner is for the mono VGA matrix and thicker for the VGA color. The order of the models in the series is marked with letters A to F. Eg 2820 to Contura 3/20, 2820A to Contura 3/25, ..., 2820F to Contura 4/25CX.

IBM PS/2 Model L40SX took off in February 1991. This was the first IBM laptop. There is a huge difference between the L40SX and its famous predecessor P75. It is especially about weight. The colors of previous models have been preserved. Work comfort is much better because you can use an open laptop while holding it on your lap. To reduce the dimensions, the numeric part of the keyboard was abandoned.

COMPAQ SLT386s/20 model from 1990 with VGA, Series: 2680AS card. Housing similar to SLT/286, Series 2680, or in the style of a suitcase for breakfast - lunch box. It is not only a portable computer, but rather a heavy version of a laptop, because it has a built-in power supply. Processor Intel 80386SX - 20 MHz, RAM 2MB (max to 16 MB), keyboard 83 keys, QWERTY with the possibility of disconnection.

From 1987 Zenith Z-181 ZFL-181-93. In the middle, an Intel 80C88 / 4.77 MHz processor. There is a place for 8087 numeric coprocessor. The keypad has 64 keys. Plasma screen 10.5 "monochrome, blue, has 16 kB of video memory and 640KB RAM, 2 floppy drives 3.5" with a capacity of 720KB. Dimensions 34.0 cm x 29.5 cm x 8 cm, weight: approx. 7.5 kg :)

I'm sorry, sorry for my descriptions :/
I am reading my descriptions, and I am still correcting and continuing to complete.

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